Reporting Claims of Copyright Infringement

TRM Advantage Ltd. is committed to addressing claims of copyright infringement appropriately.  Should you have evidence that our services or website infringe on one of your copyrights, you are obligated to notify us.  The notice must include a clear description of the alleged infringement with sufficient detail that we may locate and review it, evidence of the alleged infringement including evidence of your ownership, and an action request that identifies what you would like us to do with respect to the alleged infringement. We also require your name, address, email, and phone number so that we can follow up with your claim.  Forward your claim via registered mail to:
TRM Advantage Ltd.
246 Stewart Green SW
Calgary, AB
Canada     T3H 3C8
If you do not provide the required information or send your claim to an incorrect address, we will not be able to respond.  Please double-check your claim before sending.

Be Aware – TRM Advantage Ltd. will work very hard to recover all costs (legal fees, court fees, etc.) associated with your claim if you knowingly misrepresent the basis for your claim or any other aspect of the claim.