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Cloud-Based Risk Management Software
The App - Introduction
Cloud-Based Risk Management Software
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The App - Introduction
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The App - Introduction

TRM Advantage

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Advantage Risk Management

The tremendous flexibility of TRM advantage makes it an ideal tool in almost any imaginable business setting’ and supports immediate notification of risk with the option to attach photos or documents.

We have made it easy for you to set up your own team / department names and they can be easily changed at any time.

Advantage gives you the ability to change and edit the likelihood and consequence description text to match your organizations risk tolerance levels. You can also change the terms for assessed risk levels in the matrix.

Advantage ensures that each risk is evaluated for overall likelihood of occurring and consequences associated with HSE, Cost, Quality, and Risk To The Company / Project. It’s easy and all completed with pull-down menues to ensure data integrity.

Quickly and easily document any risk treatment tasks that are planned for mitigation, transfer, or risk elimination and assign due dates. Each task is assigned to a different department or team and attachments give them everyting they need to execute

As risk treatment plans are executed and the risk level changes, updating the risk level to reflect the current situation is done with a few simple clicks.

Research has shown that a 5 x 5 risk matrix is the industry standard and identified as achiving a balance between to little granularity and too much granularity for a qualitative risk analysis

The visual presentation of risks gives a complete executive level picture for inclusion in reports and presentations to senior managers and other corporate leaders.

Risk Management Process

Additional Benefits

A generic risk management procedure aligned with the TRM Advantage App is available for you to review and modify as needed to generate approval within your organization. Once approved, it can become part of your corporate procedures.

Several video’s are available to provide a clear and simple explanation of how the features of each page work. The video for a page is accessed directly from the page – this eliminates having to read support documents to find an answer on how to do something.

Sometimes, clients just need to do things a bit differently. Different markets, different projects, or switching over from a past system are all great reasons to need a bit of customization. Email us at either the ‘Support’ or ‘Info’ email below and we will help you define what you need and get that done for you.

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